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Leaving Home

Whether it be for business or pleasure, leaving your home can be a cause for concern. Will everything be as it was when you return? What if...? Oh the questions... A neighborhood watch is a wonderful concept, however; if your nearest neighbors are miles away how much can they help?

Many people put their trust in security systems, but these can be bypassed and beaten. Even if you have spared all expense and have installed a system The President would envy, will it be able to feed your pets, or water your plants while you are away? Vashon HouseCalls can!


Why House Calls

We saw a need for House Calls when our friends went on vacation. Rather than subject their cats to air travel, they chose to enlist the aid of a house sitter. Apparently, the sitter did not share the same respect for property as did our friends.
(The cats have since recovered)

Plants & Gardens

Your plants may not need to be exercised, but they do need nourishment. HouseCalls will provide your plants with the same care they get when you are home.

We will even mow your lawn and weed your garden, if that is the extent of care you wish while you are away.


Dogs need to go for walks. Cats need to play. Horses need to run. Whatever the usual routine of your pets, we will see to it. We at House Calls love animals as much as you do.



Your pets are conditioned to eat certain foods, according to a schedule you have devised for them. Nothing can be more upsetting to your pets than change, especially when it comes to food. After all, change is what you don't want. When you get home, you want it all to be the same. That's why it's "home."

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