About Us

About Us

Vashon HouseCalls is a division of Novak Creative LLC owned by Sy and Ric Novak. Sy & Ric relocated to Vashon Island early in 2004, after their "once upon a time" rural home in Issaquah rapidly became surrounded by a booming metropolis, complete with noise, crime, and pollution. Having spent time with friends here, Vashon Island was a logical move.

Their first six months "on island" saw the Novaks renting accommodations as they vigilantly scoured the island for the home of their dreams. Their diligent search ultimately paid off, and in the summer of 2004 Sy and Ric took possession of "du Soleil", 2.5 sunny acres on Vashon's upper west side. (Thanks again Phil)

Much has happened since then. Vashon HouseCalls has made many new friends in the form of dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, chickens, ducks, goats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, horses, parakeets, pigeons, turtles, pigs, goldfish, and even (yes it's true) sea monkeys!

Cat People
While Sy and Ric share a love for all living things, they choose to cohabitate with cats. Three were brought from Issaquah in the move, Noche, Luna, and Eclipse. All were very happy with the island. Unfortunately, Luna developed a heart condition, and did not survive her first year on Vashon. Many thanks again to all the wonderful people at Fair Isle for everything they did during that time. 

After a period of bereavement, The Novak Household was ready to accept another cat.  It had been decided a kitten was the only way to go. A kitten would help keep the older cats young. It also seemed easier to bring a young kitten into a home with two adult cats, rather than expect a full grown cat to suddenly interact in strange surrounding with the current residence.
Enter Vashon Island Pet Protectors. Ric first met Vega after stopping in at Pandora's Box during "Adopt a Cat Day".

After meeting the adult cats up for adoption, he expressed interest in a kitten. He was referred to kitty foster parents Geoff & Terry Fletcher. Of the 10 or 15 cats being fostered there at the time, Vega was an immediate favorite.

House Plants
At du Soleil there are many thriving house plants. Both Sy and Ric have a keen eye for a plants best interest, and have successfully grown beautiful potted plants.

Outdoor Plants & Gardens
"Working with plants is not work," says Sy "I prefer to call it play." Perhaps the greatest hobby of the Novaks is the ongoing beautification of their property. A rose garden here, a stone pathway there. The ideas abound and the projects many.

Are these the kind of people you want looking after your property while you are away? We think so!

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Vashon HouseCalls is a division of Novak Creative Inc
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