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The easiest way to reach us is by telephone

Ric's cellular phone number is 206-940-5043

Our long time email address was recently
compromised by a facebook application.
We will no longer be using email; or facebook!

Please call or text





Where would this world be without technology? "Better off" is the answer most say. Well, I am afraid it is here to stay. We have jumped right onto the band wagon, and can be reached via electronic mail. Please use our easy email form by clicking on this link (here)


Old School

Say what you will about the United States Postal Service, but here on our little rock mail travels quite fast. Someone from house calls will empty the box every day. So, keep those cards and letters coming.

Older School


No, we don't have a telegraph, just some extra space left on the page.

More Technology

Yes, it's true. We also have a fax machine. Although we do not have a dedicated line for it, so you will need to reach us with one of the other methods first so that we might ready the old girl to receive your signals. Hey, it could work, I mean assuming it has paper, ink, etc...

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