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Vashon HouseCalls began as a service for animals whose owners were away, and consequently unable to provide the necessary care required. Our thought was to minimize the stress and trauma by keeping everything as close to status quo as possible. Feedings at the same time and place as usual. No lapse in the loving affection and attention to pets.

Since the inception of this concept we have been requested to perform additional services for our clients. We now have regularly scheduled forest hikes to exercise dogs. We also provide a shuttle service for pets to and from the vet's office, or the groomers. Often we are called upon by clients who simply cannot make it home as early as they had hoped.

While we do not have the facilities to board animals, we will pick up or drop off to any of the boarding facilities on Vashon Island.

Vashon HouseCalls has been hired simply to wait at a client's residence for other service personnel arrive.

In short, we are here to assist our clients in any way possible in the care of their pets, plants, and property.

Our rates are extremely reasonable, with discounts available for long absences or mini visits. Our schedule will be tailored to your needs.

Ours services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Late calls are subject to a premium.

Though our Testimonial page is a tribute to just a few of our furry friends, references from human counterparts are furnished upon request.

We know how plans can often go awry. When contracted to provide care over an extended period, it is our policy is to continue to provide service at the scheduled intervals until we are informed of our client's return. There is no need to worry about flight delays or freeway traffic.

Contact us through this web site for a free initial interview and consultation or to schedule a call.

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